Why Favours?


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Your wedding is one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. And it can also be as memorable for your guests if you know how to show your appreciation for their support. Favours are a perfect way to express this. By giving them special, memory-sparking giveaways, they will remember your special day for the rest of their lives. In order to ensure that your nuptial tokens are remarkable, here are some tips on choosing awesome wedding favours:

Emphasize your wedding theme

Whether you’re up for an edible favour or useful treats, it would be great to concentrate on your theme. If you’re both wine enthusiasts you may want to consider “love” bottle corks or a heart-shape bottle stopper as a giveaway. Think of things or activities that interest you both such as music, art, or photography. What is your favourite colour or food? Do both of you love desserts and ice cream maybe? If so, you may also want to consider an edible favour such as an ice cream or chocolate bar. Or you may want to give away hard candy bars packed in pretty wrappers with ribbons. Remember edible favours need an attractive packaging.

Choose a favour that is meaningful to you both

A favour for your wedding should be extra special. This means it should be meaningful to both of you. Also your choice of gifts will reveal so much about you and your personality. Hence it would be nice to give away something that lets you share a piece of yourself (and your special day) to your guests. Are you into gardening? You can make potted flowers or plants as great favours coupled with instructions on how to look after their new plant. If you’re fond of baking personalized measuring spoons or heart shaped spoons are also a nice token.

Something practical can be great

More practical wedding favours are a classic way to please your guests and make your day a lot more memorable for them. For example items that can be used in the kitchen or dining such as saltshakers and glass coasters. Just bear in mind and heart that no matter what type of favour you give to your beloved guests, what really counts is the love and warmth that you share with them during this momentous celebration.